The Power of Many

In 1986, slide and transparency overhead projectors were standard business meeting equipment. A group of engineers at InFocus in Portland’s Silicon Forest knew there had to be a better way. They invented the first digital projector and eliminated the absurd cost and colossal hassle of having to have slides reprinted every single time a company made a change to its pitch deck or sales presentation.  Their later innovations included the first DLP projector, the first projector under 5 pounds, the first interactive whiteboard, and the first ultra-thin projection television.  www.infocus.com

Featured InFocus Products

ConX Mondopad Integration

What if you could seamlessly connect your team and access Google Apps or Microsoft Teams via your interactive whiteboards and video conferencing solution. That’s the future InFocus envisions with their ConX system and the kind of custom experience VSGi designs and implements with both InFocus products and best of breed products that meet the unique needs of each project.


InFocus has a large line of projectors with the latest modern technologies to deliver an exceptional viewing performance. Their projectors feature a wide range of aspect ratios, DLP technology, and Quantum Color LED’s. Their INL 3100 series is known for exceptional brightness, dynamic blacks, and stunning HDR image performance. Other available technologies include 3D display technology, short throw imaging, and integration with Google ChromeCast, Amazon FireStick, and Android TV.