VSGi Featured Partner

In 1934, entrepreneur Lucien De Puydt founded the Belgian American Radio Corporation (BARCO) to sell radios, one of the most important and fast-growing high-tech products of the day. The company televisions in 1949, jukeboxes in 1951 and textile automation sensors in 1964. Today the company provides a wide variety of professional video technology solutions for education, healthcare and enterprise customers. www.barco.com

Featured Barco Solutions


ClickShare offers an easy to use wireless collaboration and conferencing solution for all types of huddle spaces and meeting rooms. It makes an easy, secure way for both employees and guests to wirelessly share content in your meeting rooms. The triple agnostic platform integrates seamlessly with existing computer systems and conferencing platforms. Simply plug in the small meeting button device and click to initiate a virtual meeting on any platform.

Healthcare Displays

Barco offers a large line of medical and surgical displays. Models come in a variety of sizes with resolutions from Full HD to 4K UHD. They offer unequaled image quality and brightness for improved display of fine details in medical images and effective viewing in a variety of ambient light environments.

Unisee Video Walls

Barco’s line of UniSee video walls are designed to reach the pinnacle of LCD video wall technology. Every feature of these innovative displays has been optimized for exceptional performance. Key focuses within the UniSee product line are bezels that range from nonexistent to minuscule, automatic color and brightness calibration, and very low costs of operation.

3D Visualization & Virtual Reality Projectors

Barco offers a wide range of high quality and precision stereoscopic projectors that combine the highest resolution available with industry leading color and brightness options. These high end specifications will lead to a more engaging and receptive display of digital video.