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Integrating Skype for Business with Polycom

Remember the excitement when 15 years ago Skype came out? That little blue and white icon that let you talk to others for free from your desktop. So much has happened since then including video and 10-way conference calls, mobile... Read More

4 Benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling Software

More than a few discrete problems occur when a large amount of meeting space exists but a variety of stakeholders need to use it. These frustrations are counterintuitive to a strong, functional organizational system. Implementing a meeting room scheduling & monitoring... Read More

Why You Should Be Using a Full Service UC Collaboration Solution Provider

According to a Frost and Sullivan report, 69% of enterprises use multiple UC vendors.[1] In an ideal world, businesses would build a unified communications environment from a single manufacturer to eliminate the hassle of multi-vendor management. Unfortunately, that’s not a... Read More

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