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Updating Your Church AV Technology

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Churches and other places of worship are always trying to reach new audiences, while retaining the rituals, practices, and history that make them distinct. One of the limiting factors for religious service innovation is how much AV technology has access to incorporate. While modern mega-churches boast extremely sophisticated soundboards, lighting, video screens, and musical equipment, many smaller and older congregations are still deciding where to start. Read on to learn about when to consider an upgrade to the AV technology in a place of worship.

Why AV Solutions are a Good Church Investment

Quality audio and video make your message clear to all ages

While older generations may be the ones who are more skeptical of modern audio-visual equipment, they stand to benefit significantly from improved AV. As we age, our hearing and eyesight can deteriorate making poor quality speakers and visuals difficult to interpret. By creating crisp, clear audio and large video screens, we give those who otherwise might get lost a bit more of a way to connect to the service.

At the same time, younger members are being raised with more high-quality, high-engagement audio and video than any prior time in history. Thus, reaching a young audience often means having the splashy graphics, amusing lesson-filled videos, and high-quality music that they receive in other areas of their lives. To reach more young people with the messages of one’s church and make those messages extremely clear to them, a high quality audio-visual system can go a long way.

Customizable audio makes your musical services vibrant and attractive

While many churchgoers remember the days of a single microphone, a piano, and a chorus of people singing at the top of their lungs, many modern churches are now striving to create concert-quality sound for every service they offer. These musical experiences transport the churchgoer and help them to focus on the spiritual elements that matter to them.

When musical directors are looking to take their work to the next level, they often turn to higher-quality sound systems. This ensures their hard work learning and performing songs can be incorporated seamless in the service and provide moving reprise for the audience. People are drawn to beautiful music, and a great worship service can put audience members in a good mood and keep them coming back.

Visual and Audio Aids help people remember what they are learning.

Many churches are now incorporating funny and poignant videos into their services, as well as projectors to show large print of the sacred texts that are being discussed. These elements aren’t just a nod to modern technology; they are the kinds of things that help people remember the things they are learning. When given the opportunity to both listen, read, and view a message in a video, people retain their knowledge better and thus have more opportunities to apply it to their lives. Churches want their parishioners to remember the messages from Sunday morning just as much as they remember the latest YouTube video they’ve watched, and a high-quality projection and video system can aid in that goal.

What to Consider When Updating Church AV

What level of loudness works for your community?

Depending on the kind of music you want to share and the space of your church, you may need a different setup in your sound system. Talk to church attendees about the loudness of the worship service now – can they clearly hear everything being said? Are there certain microphones that work better? Are there any flaws they detect that distract them from the sound experiences? These are flaws you can fix during an AV update.

Can a newer, larger soundboard help your church?

Older soundboards are less customizable, so if you know that your church will vary between services and uses in their audiovisual needs, amount of microphones and amps, and overall sound needs, you may want a more modern board. An AV Integrator can explain to you the new features available and talk through which ones would help your particular goals.

How could a video projector and speaker system benefit you?

If your house of worship hasn’t already isntalled a projector and screen yet, or the current setup isn’t easily incorporated, it’s time to understand, “why?” For everything from sing-along song lyrics to outlines of lectures, these projection systems have grown in their ease of use and reliability and can make life much easier for those who use them.

The same is true of sound systems: if you are incorporating more modern music services or switching from traditional to contemporary, the transition will be smoother with an updated sound system.

Are wires getting in the way?

Just like internet access, many updated systems incorporate wireless technology and skilled AV integrators can run wires through walls and access ports to minimize trippin and ugly cable tangles at the altar.

Wireless microphones, inconspicuous drop mics and speakers, also blend into the room creating a better atmosphere for your congregation who will see that things work well and smoothly throughout the operations of the organization.

Can you incorporate new lighting that integrates with your other systems?

Movable, customizable lighting can be one way to keep people engaged during a church service, alongside other audio and visual choices. Adding inexpensive LED bulbs and fixtures that can be programmed or that change color can make your space seem modern and youthful, while also saving on maintenance costs of replacing traditional lightbulbs.

VSGi makes it much easier to understand the process of incorporating a new AV system into your place of worship. To learn more about what an AV Systems Integrator can offer to a modernizing religious organization, contact us using the form below.

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