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4 Benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling Software

More than a few discrete problems occur when a large amount of meeting space exists but a variety of stakeholders need to use it. These frustrations are counterintuitive to a strong, functional organizational system. Implementing a meeting room scheduling & monitoring software, such as Crestron Fusion, can solve common meeting space problems.

Do these meeting room conflicts sound familiar?

  • Unclear signage – is it the right room?
  • Schedule conflicts with resource availability
  • Room squatters without a reservation
  • Empty meeting space due to cancelled meetings

Countless hours are wasted by busy professionals frustrated with these common occurrences. Meeting Room Scheduling software can solve these problems and provide additional benefits such as office scheduling automation and insight into room usage –  allowing you to make the best use of your space over time.

In this blog, we explore 4 key benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling from Crestron.

Clear Meeting Room Signage

Working with Crestron Enterprise Scheduling Platform allows older static signs to be replaced with a network of small external signs and touch-screen displays inside meeting rooms. These signs can be programmed to display custom graphics in addition to the status of the room, be it booked for the whole day or only booked for a key hour.

The change from non-networked signs to networked ones seems like a step up in technological needs, but the signs quickly pay for themselves as capital investments. Replacing the old and inefficient systems are instant updates that sync across meeting rooms. The interactive signage displays also show room status from afar, with a green or red meeting-room indicator, allowing ad-hoc collaborators to quickly find meeting space without hassle. When clients or guests are visiting your space, it is worthwhile to be able to gather information quickly and professionally, and clear signage delivers this option.

Scheduling Software Across Interfaces

Crestron Fusion network room scheduling removes the guesswork  and gives users flexibility  in how they reserve available resources.

By allowing for a synchronized calendar that ties in to popular business appointment calendars such as Microsoft and Google products, Crestron Fusion allows users to have instant access to room availability at the time of appointment scheduling.

An easy-to-use mobile application is customizable to your organization’s needs. Having the application handy when you are en route to an impromptu meeting makes the process seamless and makes certain that you won’t interrupt another meeting already in process.

Further, touch screen signage at the rooms themselves allows for on-the-spot reservations. Marking a room as reserved gives the meeting a definite beginning and endpoint so that others looking for a room can quickly check to see how much longer a given room will be busy. Making an on-the-spot reservation also protects the space from others who are seeking a room at that same moment through the app or in a scheduling calendar.

Office Space Automation

Meetings get cancelled; room reservations do not. Crestron room scheduling has monitoring sensors that alert the system when a room is vacant. It allows the system to automatically return empty meeting rooms to the globally available reservation system if no one shows up to the meeting.  By automating this process, organizations can maximize workflow and space utilization and reduce employee frustration.

Meeting Room Usage Analytics and Datasets

Another benefit of a synchronized scheduling system is the ability to track company space use and behaviors. Retrieving datasets is possible and valuable with the help of Crestron Fusion, allowing administrators to answer key questions such as:

  • Is the app underutilized in your department?
  • When are staff making their room reservations?
  • What percentage of rooms are used in a day?
  • What devices are being used in the room?

Knowing the answers to these questions is integral when extrapolating to future building or planning projects. Understanding current utilization and resource constraints can inform whether to reclaim meeting space for offices or convert office areas into new meeting rooms. By generating clear explanations of how behavior occurs, your company saves hours of institutional research time that would typically be a very manual process.

VSGi helps companies and organizations integrate their AV systems using many available tools including Crestron’s Enterprise Scheduling Software and their Crestron smart signage displays. Beyond simply creating great audio-visual solutions for your company, VSGi helps you operate at peak efficiency while maintaining the professionalism that will keep your reputation for quality high.

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