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What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing refers to the technologies that enable face-to-face communication over distances. It makes communication more effective, as over 50% of a person’s understanding comes from non-verbal queues. This increased face time strengthens relationships which can help drive productivity, and is therefore a vital component in a company’s overall collaboration strategy.

There are three distinct types of video conferencing systems:

Web Collaboration Platforms

These technologies connect individuals by video call, typically using desktop or laptop computers as end points. These are “best effort” rather than enterprise-grade technologies because they tend to run over public, insecure internet connections and focus on ubiquity and low cost versus quality. They are very inexpensive (or free) to purchase and use.

Mobile Video Platforms

The explosion of mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Android devices has led to a similar expansion of video communication within the mobile realm. These devices use video calling platforms like Skype and Apple FaceTime and are typically used as consumer rather than corporate tools, although they are gaining traction in corporate settings as well.

Enterprise Grade VTC/Telepresence

Corporate VTC is a very different proposition from web collaboration and mobile video calling. Enterprise grade technologies provide a much higher level of performance, security and uptime than the other technologies, and are more expensive to deploy and use. While the other technologies tend to focus on connecting individuals, Enterprise Grade VTC focuses on connecting locations like conference rooms or classrooms. A subset of Enterprise Grade VTC is Immersive Telepresence, which provides an enhanced experience allowing a person to feel as if they are actually present when communicating remotely. Telepresence displays a further level of technical sophistication and improved fidelity in sight and sound over traditional Enterprise Grade VTC.

VSGi Video Conferencing and Telepresence Solutions

We partner with industry leaders in Enterprise Grade VTC and Telepresence solutions, including Cisco, Polycom and Vidyo.

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