2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


At VSGi, our customers are our top priority and their feedback helps us improve our business and services. VSGi’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey with Boston Research Group helps us gather valuable information on how our customers feel about VSGi. The anonymous feedback also allows us to mark any areas for improvement in the upcoming year.

As part of the customer survey, customers evaluated VSGi in the following areas:

  • Performance, responsiveness, and support from VSGi sales, installation, technical support, and contracts/billing teams
  • Quality of technical support before, during, and post installation
  • Satisfaction of resolution from phone and on-site support
  • Ease of doing business with VSGi
  • Overall satisfaction and likelihood of continuing to do business with VSGi

Here are the results from our 2017 survey:

Overall Satisfaction with AV Services and Support from VSGi


VSGi consistently impressed customers with responsiveness, project management, and support.  Overall, our customers were pleased with our follow through on projects and detailed end-to-end project management.  Services, such as support and licensing, provided after equipment installation consistently met and exceeded customer expectations.

“I am very satisfied with the service I receive.”

Overall Satisfaction on Detailed Support from VSGi


VSGi provides multiples levels of support and maintenance agreements to fit our customers needs and budgets.  With 24/7/365 technical support with our Advance Replacement Service, VSGi helps ensure critical systems stay up and running when you need them.

Our support team prides itself on providing friendly and detailed support resolution. VSGi’s close relationships with partners and manufacturers allow us to bring in additional vendor support when required.  We’ll work with a customer until the problem is satisfactorily resolved.

“I’ve been really satisfied with them. They’ve answered questions and the phone when they need to. It’s been great.”

Ease of Doing Business with VSGi


When asked about the ease of resolving service requests and meeting resolution expectations, our customers consistently agree that VSGi provides exceptional customer service in all departments.  All of VSGi’s teams (sales, technical, project management, support, billing and contracts) consistently ranked with over 95% satisfaction from survey respondents which consistently beat the average of 94%.

“I really don’t have any complaints. It’s been a pretty good job.”

Likelihood of Continuing to Use VSGi


Of the customers surveyed, they all indicated that they will probably or definitely continue to work with VSGi in the future.  VSGi came in 10 points above the average at 90% for this category.

Once a customer has completed a project, they are very likely to work with us again within the next 5 years. These continuing projects include expansion of work, equipment upgrades, office space changes, and opening new remote offices in other parts of the country.  Our customers know they can trust our hard work and expertise and support that by continuing to work with us year over year.

Most of the survey open comments were short and concise. In summary, They’re good.”