10 Reasons You Should Upgrade from Polycom® HDX® to RealPresence® Group Series

Poly Real Presence Group

Geoffrey Chaucer once said “All good things must end” and William Shakespeare wrote, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” What do a couple of old English writers have to do with video technology? Well their famous quotes could apply to the recent news release by Polycom announcing the end of life of their successful VSX/HDX product line.

Over a half million HDX systems have been sold since its introduction 2005, enabling millions of HD video collaboration sessions worldwide over the past decade. Advances in technology and the inevitable shift to cloud video conferencing have led to the need for a more enhanced collaboration solution. Polycom® has made that leap with its RealPresence® Group series, and current HDX® users are well advised to upgrade to take advantage of the many experience, performance, and interoperability improvements available in this next generation technology.

Here are 10 reasons upgrading from HDX® to RealPresence® Group Series is the right move.

1. Native integration with Skype for Business
A recent report revealed that between 50 and 60 percent of all businesses use Skype For Business (S4B), which is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of most organizations’ collaboration environment. The RealPresence® Group Series speaks the S4B language and provides a familiar workflow and user experience, receives and controls S4B content, and provides a Gallery View of all participants.

2. High quality interactive content
You get full 1080p HD and up to 60 fps providing “being there” realism. There is HDMI for video and audio with a single cable and you have the ability to easily switch between different sources. RealPresence® Group Series is perfect for media and entertainment, creative design, architecture, healthcare, and education applications.

3. Easy, flexible control
It provides single click-to-dial from the home screen calendar with a simple and intuitive UI. Layout diagrams and camera preset thumbnails enable easy customization while simplified remote minimizes “control intimidation.” You can also add tap-and-swipe tabletop control with RealPresence Touch.

4. Block distracting noises and outside voices
NoiseBlock automatically keeps distracting background sounds such as keyboard typing, paper rustling, or crumpling potato chip bags out of your meeting. Acoustic Fence blocks noises and voices from outside the meeting area so you can use video in open workspaces.

5. Automatic camera framing
EagleEye Director provides close-up views of speakers and unique “Direct Cut” mode that switches between speakers, providing an “in-the-room” experience during fast moving conversations. EagleEye Producer automatically frames the camera to show all participants so everyone always has the best possible view.

6. True ROI measurement
RealPresence® Group Series is able to track and measure conference room utilization and count how many users are participating in group video calls. This allows you to better calculate ROI and justify the technology investment.

7. Take video anywhere
You will no longer be limited to traditional conference rooms for your meetings since RealPresence® Group Series allows you to take high-quality video in almost any environment such as manufacturing floors and other open spaces. The small form factor is more mobile than HDX and can be taken anywhere with the use of a utility cart.

8. Extend video to Huddle Rooms
The rapid adoption of small collaboration spaces requires the flexibility and mobility of RealPresence® Group Series technology. It’s lower cost and compact design makes it ideal for Huddle Rooms and other smaller spaces. Group Convene offers a complete easy-to-deploy Huddle Room package.

9. Lower infrastructure costs by moving to SVC
Polycom SVC technology simplifies infrastructure, enhances scalability, and provides quality equal to traditional AVC calls. It provides an improved experience during multi-point calls enabling clear view of all users spread across multiple displays.

10. New features and investment protection
RealPresence® Group Series provides hundreds of new features not possible with HDX. New designs and form factors expand video into new use cases cost effectively lowering overall ROI. Polycom’s continuous development cycle means that you always get the latest innovations ensuring an economical TCO.

Upgrading to RealPresence® Group Series from HDX will positively impact all aspects of your video conferencing experience. As a certified Polycom Platinum Partner and Certified Service Provider, VSGi can provide the guidance you need for a seamless migration from HDX to RealPresence® Group Series.