Why You Need “Soup-to-Nuts” Video Conferencing Service

Video conferencing technology has removed the barriers of distance, allowing organizations to do business with colleagues and contacts across the world as if they were in the same room. Business travel — who needs it?

The technology keeps getting better. Features like one-click-to-join ensure that meetings always start on time. High-definition content sharing means everyone can actually read the documents that are being shared — which wasn’t always the case. There are cameras that automatically follow presenters around the room and noise-blocking technology that eliminates the distraction of background sounds.

Now for the bad news. There’s much more to deploying and operating a successful collaboration system than simply issuing a check. It’s important to work with a collaboration provider that goes beyond just selling the equipment. You need a one-stop shop: a company that manages the entire process from start to finish, including strategy recommendations, installation, programming and maintenance. Otherwise, what sounds like great technology during the sales pitch might not live up to its full potential, causing headaches and frustration.

What Can a One-Stop Shop Offer Me?

Some companies just sell video collaboration technologies. Others specialize in installation and integration. Others offer tech support services. If you can find one that offers all three, your organization will save significant time and money. A soup-to-nuts approach makes your life easier and ultimately improves the bottom line.

Look for a video conferencing provider that:

  • Thinks big picture — No matter how small or large the project, a vendor should be thinking about your needs across the organization, as well as future needs. The technology should be scalable when and if you need to expand. Companies that only sell technology aren’t in the business of doing this.
  • Acts as a consultant — Along the same lines, you want to choose a provider that can advise you in terms of the best technology for your needs. There are vast product offerings on the market, and not all are the right fit for your organization. You should expect a thorough consultation process, during which the vendor works hard to understand your business priorities and how your employees operate.
  • Has access to many products — Collaboration is not limited to video conferencing these days. It involves high-quality audio and HD-quality content sharing. Users must be able to connect remotely using laptops or mobile devices. Keep in mind, too, that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Go with a vendor that can offer a wide range of products to meet your exact needs.
  • Offers robust support — Video conferencing technology is only as good as your organization’s ability to use it. If problems do arise, you need to be able to reach someone right away. Choose a vendor that offers simple but robust support — ideally 24-hour support. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, you want a company that will quickly send a certified technician to your location. Also, by choosing a one-stop shop upfront, you have access to support from the company that planned and installed the system, meaning they understand it. There’s no need to involve a third party who doesn’t understand your organization’s needs.
  • Has proven success — Experience means a lot. The vendor you choose should have significant experience providing soup-to-nuts service. Do they have a proven track record in your industry? Can they provide case studies or references to prove their success? Sales pitches can be convincing, but always ask for real proof.

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