How Collaboration Technology Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Introducing Polycom RealPresence Trio and RealPresence Centro – Groundbreaking New Products That Defy Distance

The workplace of the future is here. We’re no longer bound by four office walls. We do business from home, hotels, on the road, or even in an airplane. We’re not chained to desktops. We can be productive on the go using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Modern collaboration tools such as video and audio conferencing have played a huge role in shaping the modern workplace. They break down the barriers of distance, allowing employees, clients and contacts across multiple locations – even across the world – to communicate in real time.

However, not all collaboration solutions are equal. Successful, effective collaboration requires the right technology and the right partners. It requires working with vendors and solutions providers who offer state-of-the-art technology that is easy to use, as well as seamless integration.

VSGi and Polycom have partnered to provide organizations with unmatched collaboration. Using Polycom’s industry-leading technologies, VSGi designs, sells and supports video conferencing and AV integration for conference rooms, board rooms, offices, educational facilities and more.

Earlier this year, Polycom announced the launch of two new products that will further revolutionize the modern workplace. To watch a live demo of these products, check out this VSGi Webinar from November 2015.

RealPresence Trio

RealPresence Trio is the world’s first smart hub for collaboration spaces. This product breaks barriers with a gorgeous and modern design, the world’s best audio quality, and an easy-to-use and intuitive design that features a touch screen.

Trio offers participants the ability to listen, share and see. In addition to the world’s best audio, this technology offers high-definition video and content sharing. Far beyond just a phone, everyone in the room and those connecting via mobile devices can share HD-quality content. This is the only smart hub on the market for group collaboration, and it is powerful but simple to use.

RealPresence Trio also offers:

  • One-step click-to-join – meetings start on time every time
  • 1080p HD video and content sharing
  • WiFi-enabled conference phone
  • Deployability with a single Ethernet cable
  • Compatibility with mobile devices – connect seamlessly on the go
  • Audio and video that are perfectly in sync
  • Noise blocking technology – eliminating distracting background sounds

RealPresence Centro

For the first time, RealPresence Centro offers Polycom quality at consumer prices. This is the first enterprise-grade video conferencing system for SMBs and smaller enterprise spaces. Prior to this technology, most SMBs had to rely on home-built systems that involve little more than just a webcam and computer. This is a game changer.

RealPresence Centro is an all-in-one solution that offers the world’s best audio, as well as 1080p HD video and content sharing. Like RealPresence Trio, it is deployable with a single Ethernet cable, and it is simple to use and intuitive. The product offers mechanical pan and tilt for video – Polycom is the only vendor on the market offering this. The screen can be mounted to a wall or table.

Why VSGi?

VSGi specializes in video conferencing and collaboration solutions. We design, implement, manage and scale video collaboration solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. Our experience in video conferencing and AV integration is unrivaled in the market.

Customization is one of many strengths that sets us apart from competitors. We tailor our solutions exactly to your organization’s needs using industry-leading products from the best manufacturers in the world. For us, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – we cater to your needs.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including education, federal government, state and local government, healthcare and legal. Our team of sales representatives, engineers, technicians and project managers is located across the country, so we are able to service any customer in any location. Even if you’re in a rural area, we’re never far away.